What to do if you've driven through a red light

A man drives through a red light and is stopped by traffic police. A younger cop comes to him and says:
- Papers...
- I don't have any.
- Driving license...
- Never had
- Breathe here...
- What for? Officer, don't you see: I am as drunk as a fish!
- Well, man, you are in trouble. You will have to do with senior officer.
The young cop returns to the car and in a minute an older cop comes to the driver and says:
- Papers...
- Here you are.
- Driving license...
- You've got it.
- Breathe here...
- With pleasure. I haven't drunk for a year.
- So why did the officer told me you are drunk and have no papers.
- let me guess: he also told you that I've driven through a red light!

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